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"Creating unique, quality home renovations for happy clients. "

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Our Story

Swanson Renovations, founded in 2007, has grown to become the respected name in luxury home renovations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our journey, marked by dedication and a passion for excellence, has been all about transforming houses into dream homes. We've built our reputation on delivering high-quality, customized living spaces that resonate with the aspirations of our clients.

Our Mission

"Our mission at Swanson Renovations is to create spaces that are not just luxurious and elegant but also deeply personal and functional. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and service, ensuring that every renovation project we undertake enhances the lives of our clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area."

Swanson Renovations

Meet The Team

The Owners

Chad Swanson, CEO: At the helm of Swanson Renovations, Chad Swanson leads with a visionary mindset and a keen eye for detail. His dedication to merging innovative design with functional elegance ensures that each project uniquely reflects our client's style and needs, setting a new standard in the remodeling industry.

Catherine Swanson, Co-Owner & CMO: As the strategic force behind our brand's identity, Catherine shapes the way Swanson Renovations is perceived in the luxury market. Her deep understanding of marketing dynamics and brand development is key to our company's distinction and success in a competitive industry.

The Project Management Team

Adam Berend, Project Manager: Adam Berend is known for his extensive remodeling knowledge and proactive management style. His ability to navigate project challenges with efficiency and his commitment to quality craftsmanship make him a respected and reliable figure for clients and team members alike.

Russ “Santa” Adams, Assistant Project Manager: Known as “Santa” for his friendly demeanor and distinctive look, Russ is our Assistant Project Manager who brings both efficiency and a touch of cheer to every project. His readiness to support and his positive attitude make him a favorite among our clients and a vital part of our project management team.

Nancy Swider, Executive Assistant: As Chad's Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Nancy is the organizational force of Swanson Renovations. Her exceptional attention to detail and planning prowess ensure that our projects are managed smoothly, offering a seamless and efficient experience for our clients and the team.


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